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The only coaching program combining the power of Sales Intelligence with proven deal-closing strategies. You'll immediately implement the knowledge you gain to win more business.

Find the right leads, at the right time, with the right message. Learn how to quickly identify sales opportunities, get in front of decision makers, and make an incredible impression.

Know more about your prospect or client, before every sales call. Discover Sales Intelligence tools that help you know what the other person cares about, and how you can provide value.

Live coaching, on-demand learning. Join us twice each month for a live call where we share best practices and answer your questions. Then access the entire video library anytime, anywhere..

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Every sales program talks about the need to identify qualified leads, get in front of prospects with relevant messages, gain permission to ask challenging questions, and provide high value.

But no one teaches you HOW to do it.


Join High Profit Sales Coaching and You'll Receive...

  • Live, Expert Coaching. Join twice-monthly sales success coaching calls with Mark Hunter (The Sales Hunter) and Sam Richter (The Sales Intel Expert) where you'll learn new ideas, share strategies and tactics, and get your sales questions answered. Learn and share with the best.

  • Live, Expert Sales Help. Got a personal question you don't want to share with others during the coaching call? Need some specific and advice regarding a customer, colleague/boss, or a sales challenge? Want a little motivation? You're just a click away from Mark or Sam answering your question live, or getting back to you within a business day. You're never alone.

  • Accountability and Motivation. Mark and Sam will hold you accountable for implementing the strategies and tactics you need to succeed in 21st Century Selling. Plus, you'll receive weekly tip, tricks, and motivational emails providing you new methods for achieving your sales goals. We're committed to your success.

  • On Demand Learning. All coaching calls are recorded, made searchable, and archived for your any-time easy access. PLUS ... you'll receive full an unlimited access to the Know More University video library featuring...
    • Sales Success Secrets. Learn how to find and leverage online sales / business. Call on the right person. with the right message, at the right time.
    • World-Class Sales Education. Learn from Sam Richter and Mark Hunter ("The Sales Hunter"), two of world's top sales speakers. Partner with the experts.
    • High-Level Learning, in "Bite-Sized Chunks." You're busy...we know. We make it easy to learn anytime, anywhere. It takes just minutes per day.

  • Sales Intel Engine. Use the Intel Engine and massively decrease the amount of time you spend searching for sales opportunities. Access company information, discover lead lists, uncover trigger events, research prospects, and a whole lot more. Give yourself the gift of time (and lots more of it).

  • Unlimited Script and Guide Book Downloads. Guide books, scripts, quizzes, worksheets, templates and more. We make it easy for you to implement what you learn.

  • Real-Time Learning, Automatic Updates. Twice per month in your live coaching calls, you'll receive the latest sales intelligence and high-profit sales techniques being used by some of the world's most successful sales organization. Plus we're constantly adding and revising the online content library and resources so you always have the latest best-practices, tools, and techniques. You become the expert.

  • Money Back Guarantee, Cancel Anytime. Within 30-days, if you're not seeing an improvement in your sales performance, you get a full refund. Plus we only offer a monthly payment plan that you can cancel at anytime, putting the pressure on us to constantly provide you maximum value. Winning big with zero risk.

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Money Back Guarantee We know that you'll use what you learn from the High Profit Sales Coaching and see exceptional results. We also know sometimes things are out of your control. That's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the first 30 days you can cancel and receive a full refund. Plus, we offer this program on a monthly payment plan on purpose - if life changes and you no longer need sales coaching - just login and cancel your subscription. Full Money Back Refund

- No more wondering where you'll find prospects.

- No more concern of what you're going to say.

- No more discounting your price.

- And with our fill guarantee, no more risk.

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