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In business and sales, you don't have time to waste. Whether it's researching a company prior to a call, or creating a prospective lead list, time truly is money. That's why we created the Business and Sales Intel Search Engine. In just seconds, you can...

  • Discover an array of Sales Trigger events and who needs to hear your message.
  • Instantly identify sales opportunities so you know who to call, and when.
  • Identify decision makers at just about every company on the planet.
  • Get the latest company insights including mergers, relocations, expansions, etc.
  • Learn who is getting funding and thus who can pay for your solutions.
  • Find contact information on your prospects, including email addresses.
  • Access company details, financials, employee reviews, court cases and more.
  • Locate home information, by value, purchase date, move date, and ownership.
  • Research people, and discover political affiliation, non-profit donations, and more.
  • Discover marketing opportunities blogs and podcasts that want your message.
  • Identify reporters who might need your expertise for an upcoming story.
  • Locate existing lead lists in any industry, or quickly create your own.
  • Find industry data, trends, research reports, presentations, and more.
  • Ensure relevancy, with the latest company news; know what others care about.

And you'll do all of this high-end intelligence gathering - and a whole lot more - without having to know complex search algorithms. In fact, if you can type the name of a company, person, or industry then you already have all the technical knowledge you need to use the Sales Intel Engine. You'll be shocked what you can find.

100% High Value, Risk Free Membership

With the Monthly Plan, you only pay if you're receiving tremendous value. You can cancel at anytime with no commitments. Or purchase the Lifetime Plan and never worry about another payment again. You'll most likely receive a return on your investment within the first month!

With the Business and Sales Intel Engine, you'll have instant access to...

  • Company and People News. Prior to (or even during) any sales call or meeting, quickly learn what's going on inside a company. Access recent news, press releases, social posts, and more.
  • Company Information. How big is a company? What's their core offerings? Who are their investors? What do employees think of management? Is the company looking to hire?
  • Sales Trigger Events. What's going on that might make a prospect interested in receiving your call? Discover company hires, promotions, retirements, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, employee stock sales and even court cases.
  • Advanced People Search. Search by first and/or last name, company, job title, location, job responsibility, a person's interests, or any combination of the above.
  • Industry and Company Directories. Instantly access searchable and downloadable member directories, employee directories, Chamber of Commerce directories, and other member lists.
  • Events and Lists. Find out about upcoming events. Access and even download past-event attendee lists.
  • Reports, White Papers, Proposals. Download research reports, articles, white papers, and even proposals and presentations.
  • Competitive Information. Find price lists, distributor data, budgets and timelines, templates, and competitive company information.

You could spend hours crafting complex Boolean queries into search engines hoping that something valuable appears. You could scour the Invisible Web for databases the hold the information you need. could use the Business and Sales Intel Engine and quickly - and easily - discover the information you need to find new leads, and win more deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I use the Intel Engine?
Your subscription starts now and you have unlimited access to the Engine. Your subscription will automatically renew on your purchase anniversary.
Do I have to pay more if you come out with a new version?
Nope! Once you're a subscriber, you'll receive unlimited access to everything in the Engine, including any new updates. On your renewal date, there may be a price increase however, during your subscription year, you will have access to everything the Engine offers with no additional charges.
How do I cancel my membership if I am unhappy?
We would never want you to be unhappy! You can cancel your membership at anytime - click on the people icon in the upper right once logged in and click the Manage Subscriptions link. Once you cancel, any upcoming payments will be automatically canceled and your subscription and all future billings will end. Within the first 30 days, if you are unsatisfied with your membership for any reason, contact us and we can provide a full refund. To request your refund, please email [email protected] or you can call us at 612-655-3397.
Is the Intel Engine a Proprietary Database?
No, the Intel Engine is NOT a database. It is, however, a HUGE time saver. The Intel Engine makes finding business and sales information that is already online much easier. You could use a search engine like Google combined with other Websites to find the information that the Intel Engine delivers. However, you would need to know how to craft complex mathematical Boolean equations and/or know the correct Websites to even visit. You could spend minutes - or more likely hours - trying to find information on your own, or, you could use the Sales Intel Engine and find the right information in just seconds.
Don't the Advanced Search features in a search engine offer the same functionality as the Intel Engine?
Yes and no. The Advanced features offered with some search engines do allow you to find information without having to know Boolean. However, you would still need to know what information to enter to find specific results like company financials, attendee lists, employee directories, etc. With the Intel Engine, you theoretically will save hours trying to locate information -- time that you can now spend making sales calls and providing value to existing clients/customers.
Will the Intel Engine find every list, directory, information on companies, etc. that I need?
Just like any search engine, the Intel Engine will only deliver results if the information has been posted online by others. So, for example, if there is a conference attendee list but the list is never posted online, then the Intel Engine will not be able to "magically" discover it (and the Intel Engine does not "hack" into private sites). It's important to remember that in today's high-tech world, there is a still a great deal of information that is not posted online. However, if it is online, the Intel Engine will help you find it and most important, it will help you find it in seconds.
How do I know that the results found using the Intel Engine are accurate?
With any online search, there is no guarantee that the information is accurate or current. However, the Intel Engine has built-in-logic that runs in the background and it attempts to filter out results from non-reputable sources.